Welcome to Merchant Homeopathic Medical College

Homoeopathy is a science of dynamised
micro-Immnunology based
on the law of Analogy.

Merchant Homeopathic Medical College

Highly Qualified, Experienced and Dedicated Staff.

Welcome to Merchant Homeopathic Medical College

Welcome you to the official website of Merchant Homeopathic Medical College (MHMC). This website is designed to serve as a resource of information on MHMC. Homoeopathy is a science of dynamised micro-Immnunology based on the law of Analogy. It is the System of Medicine which works on the principle of 'Like Cures Like' (Similia Similibus Curanter).This system of therapeutics is internationally accepted and is being practised in India through Homoeopathy Central Council Act 1973 passed by the Parliament of India.

Merchant Homeopathic Medical College (MHMC) is established with a purpose of enriching the new generation of students with knowledge and skills. Our Vision, Mission and Core Values reflect attributes such as Accountability, Commitment, Consistency, Diversity, Innovation, Integrity, Leadership and Passion to excel in whatever we do. We take pride in successfully running courses in the professional areas of great potential for the growth of Gujarat state as well as our nation.

Merchant Homeopathic Medical College (MHMC) is located in the Merchant Education Campus situated at Basna between Mehsana – Visnagar Highway and is established by Shri Merchant Charitable Trust (MCT). Merchant Homeopathic Medical College (MHMC) is 6 Km from Mehsana and 12 Km from Visanagar.

On 8th of Nov. 2017 Department of Ayush grant permission to start college. After that education quality of Merchant Education Trust is very high level so 92 admissions will be fulfill in academic year 2017-18 out of 100 capacity upto cutoff date.

Our college has highly qualified teaching staff with more experience in homoeopathy field related academic/clinical.

Now today (26/06/2018) our age is seven months only but more people visited our college from Gujarat/ Rest of Gujarat they are satisfied about our development for 1st B.H.M.S. and upcoming for future.

Regular practicals, dissection, classes, extracurricular activities work time to time.


  • To train young men and women in Homoeopathic Medicine discipline and develop those with skills that are needed to render effective health care to the suffering humanity.
  • To involve the staff and the students in various Research Projects in order to promote the science and art of Homoeopathy.

 Our Vision

  • Providing quality homoeopathic education to enable students to undertake responsibilities and cope with challenges, problems and opportunities in Homoeopathy through active learning and continued education with competence and concern to ensure the practice of holistic health.

 Our Mission

  • The staff fraternity of the institution is determined to achieve the highest standard of academic excellence necessary to make significant contribution in several fields related to Homoeopathic discipline.
  • To instill in students a spirit of dedication and committment.